Why Ethical Fashion is Important

What is Ethical Fashion? 
Ethical fashion refers to clothing that is made in a way that is sustainable, respectful, and with the best intentions for the environment, the consumer, and the place where it is made.

For most stores, clothes are produced by big companies who's main goal is to increase their profit margin with little regard for the health and happiness of their employees or the environment.
What makes Ethical Fashion Different?
Ethical fashion is different because companies focused on ethics will do their best to never pollute the environment or hurt people at the expense of them making higher profits. They will often give back to the community by donating a portion of their profits to charity, or donating clothes (ex. samples) to charity when they are done with them.
How Do I know If It's Ethical?
It’s always hard to know your clothes are made ethically, because a lot of the big brands don’t say it. That leaves us to wonder if their clothes are made in sweatshops, with child labor, or exploitative conditions. It’s a frustrating guessing game for us as customers, and it always takes a lot of digging to find out. Many websites don't provide this transparency with their customers. 
How is Evangeline Different?
Evangeline is a brand that wants to be a part of the solution for this problem. As a company, we’ve been making clothes ethically since 2015 in our local Brisbane-based studio.
We make sure the clothes we produce are made in safe and fair conditions. We also make sure our workers or contractors are getting paid a fair wage. We wanted to make this as transparent as possible, that's why on every product description, you'll be able to find where each garment was made. 
"When I first started learning about the unethical practices in the fashion industry, I was shocked! I knew I wanted to be apart of the solution to this from the beginning, so I started my fashion brand from my bedroom, sewing each piece myself to insure it was well made, and that my company was never harming another person for my own benefit. Since my humble beginnings, I now have teamed up with local contractors to expand my capacity as a growing women's fashion label."
-Zoe Borrell | Owner/Designer

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